Effortless Building Generation in Blender

Procedural Building Generator Blender Free Download

You can make use of this addon for making any type of buildings. It features a wide variety of building styles inspired by various historic architectural styles. The addon is free to use and doesn’t require any credit.

Another great feature is its ability to integrate with a city layout and street plan, ensuring cohesion and consistency. It also comes with a huge library of PBR materials.


PBG 2 is a new tool from 3D artist and Blender enthusiast Isak Waltin, and it acts as a reworked version of his original Procedural Building Generator. Powered by Geometry Nodes, the new tool allows users to create buildings using pre-sets, with a single drag and drop.

It also offers more functionality than the original Procedural Building Generator, such as support for different styles on the top and bottom floors of a structure. Additionally, PBG 2 has experimental support for deforming meshes, which can be used to add cloth simulations and armatures to buildings.

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Urbaniac Building Generator

A game-changing addon that effortlessly converts your meshes into captivating buildings in a range of architectural styles. From old huts to mediaeval structures and apartments, Urbaniac Building Generator will transform your scene in minutes.

This addon is based on the geometry nodes system, allowing you to customize the buildings’ shape and appearance. It also comes with a selection of building materials for different architectural styles. It is suitable for any scene, including sci-fi, medieval, post apocalyptic, and ruined scenes.

It is compatible with Cycles and EEVEE, as well as a variety of render pipelines. Users can even control the lights of all the elements in their scenes from the integrated UI.

It features a number of semi-procedural materials that can be used for street lamps, sign posts and more. These include 12K pavements, smart metals, retroreflectors and more. It is also possible to add a variety of different effects such as snow, wet surfaces, and animated raindrops to all the elements.


Procedural building generator blender free download is a 3D addon that streamlines the modeling process. It allows users to generate buildings of any shape and size with a few clicks. The addon also offers options to customize the style of a building and its facade details.

The addon uses Blender’s Geometry Node to effortlessly create a range of buildings. It allows users to input various elements, including doors, windows, and panels, which will be procedurally distributed across a simple mesh. It also has a feature that lets users assign a material to a face and then spawn objects from a collection on it.

The addon comes with a wide variety of styles, from makeshift huts to medieval houses and even New York skyscrapers. It features a unique balance between automation and manual control, which makes it perfect for any architectural project. It can even generate interior layouts and stairs. It can also implement rule-based systems to generate specific styles and design constraints.

Procedural Building Generator

A tool that creates buildings procedurally, with the option to customize parameters like architectural style and facade details. It also allows users to generate high-resolution textures for buildings, ensuring that they look realistic and natural. The tool can also be used to generate interior layouts for buildings, allowing users to add rooms, corridors, and stairs.

This tool uses geometry nodes to convert existing meshes into buildings, and can be used to create entire cities. It can be easily integrated into existing scenes, and works with any architectural style. It also supports many types of materials, including masonry and concrete.

Procedural building generation is a popular feature in video games, and it can create worlds that reflect real-world environments. For example, the game Minecraft creates its world based on rules that specify terrain, buildings, and other features. In addition, some commercial software with procedural building generation includes ArchiCAD and Revit.

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